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Full featured web based help desk software. Easy-to-use. Intuitive interface. Powerful. Available as a cloud hosted or self-hosted solution.

Manage Support Tickets

Create Knowledge Base

Instantly convert support emails into tickets
Keep track of customer issues in threaded form
Predefined messages for frequently raised issues
Reply directly from your email
Automatic notices when ticket SLA time is expiring
Automatically assign new tickets to staff
Create tutorials, manuals, troubleshooters and more
Support Sidebar (exclusive) on your website
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We'll take care of the techie stuff

Get instant secure access to your own help desk running on our SSL servers or install the software on host it on your own server.

Ticket alerts without a browser

Our desktop tray help desk application instantly notifies you of new support tickets. No need to keep your browser open!

Highly customizable

Customer support software with full access to our stylesheets so your customers feel right at home with the design.

Developers - use our API

Use the powerful functions of our Application Programmers Interface to build new applications for h2desk, including new clients and specialized User Interface features.

Help desk software helps your business succeed

Have you considered the potential benefits of implementing help desk software for your business? Whether your business is large or small (or whether it’s small but you want it to read as larger online), our system will convert support emails into trackable and actionable tickets. Our web based help desk will improve your support operation and customer satisfaction by helping you to quickly and efficiently resolve inquiries and support requests.

Support ticket system makes your service desk more efficient

H2Desk will simplify your support operation by enabling you to easily manage support tickets and customer inquires in a centralized automated system. Below are just a few examples of how our web based help desk software can help your organization:

Track performance with web-based help desk software

Not only can this tool help you take care of your customers’ requirements, but it can help you track internal performance, too. Ensure you’re doing all you can to reward performers that meet and exceed customer expectations.

Regardless of why you are considering H2Desk, we can help you determine if this is the solution to help you take your customer or IT help desk to the next level of success. We’re pretty sure it is! Want to learn more about how our helpdesk software can help you? Take a tour, sign up for a 30 day trial, or contact us through submitting a support ticket for more info.