Customizable Features

Easily customize your customer support software to fit your own business requirements

Customer Support Software that matches your Business Requirements

We understand that each business has unique requirements. Almost all aspects of the customer support software can be modified or customized to work within your business rules and workflow. Instead of forcing you to adapt to the software's design, the ticket system was designed to let you easily select the features you want to use.

customer support software

Want to customize the format and content of system email messages? Just edit the templates that are included with the ticket system and provide as much or as little information as you desire. You convey exactly the message you want to your customers.

Want to ensure maximum security of your ticket system? You can request to have SSL (secure socket layer) service enabled at no charge. You can also strictly limit email messaging to ensure sensitive information is exchanged only via your secure customer portal.

Need additional ticket statuses to match your internal naming conventions? You can add unlimited statuses to the ticket system and even use your own icons.

Need to collect specific information when tickets are created? You can easily add custom fields in the form of text fields or drop down lists and mark them as required or optional.

Our customer support software's flexible design keeps you in control. You can use the system as-is right out of the box or fully customize it to fit your own unique business requirements.

The possibilities are endless.

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