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Instantly convert chats into tickets
Create and assign tasks from within a ticket
Predefined messages for frequently raised issues
Reply directly from your email system
Automatic notices when ticket SLA time is expiring
Software automatically assigns new tickets to staff
Create tutorials, manuals, troubleshooters and more
Add live chat to your website and customer helpdesk

Improve Customer Service

Implementing help desk software and live chat software is one of the easiest changes you can make to quickly improve customer service and loyalty. The H2Desk help desk is intuitive, user-friendly, and extremely easy to learn and use. It was designed to make your support operation more efficient and help improve client satisfaction by delivering best-in-class service. You and your team will be able to quickly and efficiently resolve customer inquiries received via email, ticket, or live chat. Support emails are automatically converted into actionable tickets and tracked to ensure issues are resolved and closed in a timely and professional manner. Live chat is fully integrated so website visitors can receive real-time support without leaving your website.

Implementing self-service customer support software allows clients to take advantage of knowledge base articles, tutorials, and tips, and reduces your helpdesk team's work volume. Customer's get immediate results and your helpdesk has one less support ticket to handle. It's no surprise that most successful companies long ago discovered that impatient customers and profitable businesses both love self service. It's a win-win! Our customer service software delivers instant feedback and status updates to both clients and agents. When a support ticket is generated, clients receive an automatic confirmation that allows them to easily check the status of the ticket and communicate back to your support team. Notifications are also automatically sent to appropriate agents so they will know a support request needs attention. Additionally, clients can view all of their tickets via the online help desk software system's customer portal. So, their support history is available in one central repository, making it easy to know the status of each case.

Improve Operations

Managing support tickets and customer inquiries can be tedious and time consuming. A review of surveys from customer service software buyers shows that most companies think ticket management, self-service, and live chat are essential components of the best customer service software. Using the built-in automation in the H2Desk software, you can reduce and even eliminate certain manual functions so you can focus on your customers. Say goodbye to manually assigning tickets to agents. When a ticket is created, the system will assign it, set the required SLA due time, and send out reminders if an unresolved ticket is expiring. The system also allows you to create specific tasks from within the ticket to ensure all necessary actions or steps are completed before the ticket is closed. Below are some additional examples of how our web based customer service software helps automate support functions:

We'll take care of the techie stuff

Get instant secure access to your own online helpdesk running on our SSL secure servers. Or, if you prefer an on-premise solution, you can install the software on your own server.

Ticket alerts without a browser

Our desktop software application instantly notifies you of new tickets. No need to keep your browser open!

Fully customizable help desk software

We provide complete access to CSS stylesheets and HTML templates. Make your customers feel right at home with a design that matches your existing website's look and feel.


We provide access to HTML template files and CSS stylesheets allowing you to customize the user interface to your desired style.

Improve Performance

While our online help desk software allows you to efficiently resolve issues and improve customer service, it also allows you to track the internal performance of your helpdesk team by department and individual. Easily identify and reward your top performers, and discover areas that need improvement. Set the expected resolution time by department and priority level and ticket due dates are automatically set by the system for every ticket that's created. Want to be notified when a ticket is past due? No problem. You or a designated staff member receive an email if a ticket exceeds the assigned due date. You can also set predefined resolution due dates by customer company, allowing you to give higher priority to your most important customers. It's all configurable to work the way you want your helpdesk to work. You decide your work rules, and we help you execute them, seamlessly and automatically. So, what are you waiting for?

We can help you determine which support solution provides your operation to the highest level of success.

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