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Service desk software with automatic features to help your team stay on task

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Scheduled Tickets for Recurring Activities
No matter how hard we try, some activities just must be done on a repetitive basis. Our ticketing system allows you to use automation to create set it and forget it functions that reduce repetitive workloads. Our Recurring Tickets feature allows you to pre-schedule tickets to be automatically created on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. And, you don't just get to select the date, you can also set who it gets assigned to and when the ticket is due. So stop fretting about what needs to be done, just schedule it and you'll know it's going to be taken care of at the right time.

Automatically assign tickets to your staff members
Manually assigning tickets can be tedious and time-consuming. Our support ticketing system automatically assigns tickets based on user workload, sequential round robin, first responder, or to a specific agent. You can also select different ticket assignment methods for each department to fit each organization's operational needs. More details on our ticketing system's automatic assignment feature.
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Respond to tickets right from your email!
Away from your PC and need to respond to a customer? No problem! Just reply to the notification email right from your inbox and H2Desk will automatically locate the ticket, append your response as a ticket post, and send the response to the customer's email address. The customer receives the response with the helpdesk's address so no need to worry about your personal email being revealed. Read about our helpdesk software email integration feature.

Predefined Replies for common support questions
Most service departments receive repeat inquiries for common issues. Our helpdesk software allows you to save Predefined (Canned) Replies allowing your team to efficiently respond to customers with replies that have been reviewed and approved. You can also add a new item to the predefined replies library while sending a ticket reply.
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One click knowledge base creation
Have you ever spent a long time composing the perfect response to a common issue? With just one click, the system automatically copies the response into a new knowledge base article. This not only helps customers that have similar issues, it also helps you reduce the workload of your helpdesk by encouraging the use of self-service tools.