Automatic Ticket Assignment

Enjoy more free time with the automated features of our customer support software

Why do you need Automatic Ticket Assignment?

As a help desk administrator, you have numerous responsibilities and tasks which compete for the limited time you have available each day. Having to check new support tickets to determine which staff member (agent) to assign it to should not be one of these. In some cases, this problem is resolved by giving an assigner role to a senior staff member. Unfortunately, this can lead to favoritism with easy tickets going to friends and more difficult ones going to those that aren't part of the friend circle. With H2Desk, you can easily automate the ticket assignment process so that it is fair and balanced. Imagine, no more reviewing of tickets and no more assignment complaints and headaches to deal with on a daily basis.

What are the ticket assignment options?

With some help desk systems, there is no automatic assignment capability so assignments are a time consuming manual affair. With other more sophisticated systems, you can use a round robin method to distribute tickets as they come in. With H2Desk, we don't limit you to just a single assignment method. You can choose from 4 different options based on the unique needs of your operation.

The choices are as follows:

  • Auto Assign to Responder: When this option is enabled, the system initially leaves a new ticket unassigned but then assigns it to the first staff user that responds. This is ideal for small departments where staff handle tickets on a first available basis.
  • Auto Assign using Round Robin: When this this option is enabled, the system assigns new tickets in a sequential manner to each staff user within the department. This is ideal in situations where equal work distribution is of paramount importance.
  • Auto Assign based on Work Load: When this option is enabled, the system assigns a new ticket to the staff member with the fewest tickets assigned. This is ideal when speed of response is a higher priority than a balanced work load.
  • Auto Assign to Selected Staff User: When this option is enabled, the system assigns all new tickets to a specified staff member. This is typically used when there is a lead person in the department that acts as a coordinator and distributes work assignments to others.

Can I choose different assignment settings for each department?

Most help desks utilize multiple departments with each one specializing on specific disciplines to help make the operation more efficient and improve responsiveness to customer needs. We realize one size does not fit all so we designed our automatic ticket assignment feature to be configurable. When you set up your departments, you determine the assignment method that's best suited for the type work being performed by that particular department. Not sure you got it exactly right? That's okay! You can edit your department settings at any time and switch to a new assignment method until you find the one that's just right for you.

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