Affordable and Effective Online Help Desk Software

Politicians may not agree on much, but they are nearly unanimous in their praise for small business owners. The companies they run are often called the economic engine or backbone of America. In this admittedly rare instance, our leaders happen to be correct.

How important are they?

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, companies with 500 employees or less currently comprise 99.7 percent of all American employer firms. These small businesses have created about two-thirds of the net new jobs over the past two decades. At last count, there were nearly 28 million of them.  Most are extremely small offices or shops, often run by only one or two people.

As all business owners know, starting your own company is extremely risky. About half of them fail within five years. But that hasn’t stopped people from trying. More than half a million small businesses open their doors each year in America. Some of them sink and others sail. No matter what they sell or where they sell it, the difference between failure and success often comes down to a single business term—cost benefit analysis. What is it?

Most new businesses can’t afford to make big mistakes. They borrow money from banks or other financial institutions and there is rarely room for error. Cost benefit analysis is a method or process that helps business owners determine whether the benefits of any single action outweigh its costs.

Web Based help desk software

Running a traditional business in the modern economy is more expensive than ever. Rent, utilities, taxes and other overhead costs have gone through the roof. As a result, most companies must find ways to get leaner and more efficient.  They might, for example, encourage employees to work from home a few days a week or to pack their own lunches.  Both strategies can help save companies money on energy and other services.  But to truly reduce overhead, a business must eliminate waste. And nothing is more wasteful than running an antiquated information system. Sadly, most small business owners don’t discover this until it’s too late.

Instead of relying on expensive hardware and software that requires regular maintenance and care, companies can save enormous sums with web based help desk software.  How does it work? Simple… it shifts the responsibility of managing your information and communications systems to professionals, who can do it for in a fraction of the price on the internet. They handle all updates, upgrades, testing, configurations, and technical problems and issues.

Who needs it?

Any company that has customers can benefit from online help desk software. Basic packages include applications that can improve communication in the office and out of it.  Customer service support software, for example can be used to communicate directly with current or potential customers. They can use ticket systems, social media, or a combination of the two to address questions and concerns in no time.