Benefits to Having Your Help Desk Online

Are you considering moving your help desk online? Online help desk software packages are becoming more and more popular with businesses of all sizes. The right online help desk solution, implemented properly, can make it easier for your staff to service your customers, deal with customer complaints and provide customer service. These are some of the key benefits of putting your help desk online for customers and service agents.

Your agents can access a single knowledge base to get all the customer and product information they need – and they can access it from anywhere. If you’re employing a mobile workforce, the ability to access the knowledge base and customer help desk ticket information remotely is essential.

When you put your help desk online, you can provide self-service customer help options for those customers that prefer it. Your customers can log onto the customer support system, search for solutions to their problems and follow instructions provided without involving an agent. This saves your agents time and your company money.

Your customers can create their own support tickets to start the process toward a solution. The best help desk software packages prompt customers to enter all the information necessary so that your agents can start working on the problem, and allow customers to track the progress on their support ticket as it moves through the system.

Agents can easily create support tickets during telephone calls with customers and feed them into the system. Once the support ticket is entered, the system can email the information to the customer, who can then use it to track the progress toward a solution to his problem.

Top level help desk software packages can automatically route customer calls and follow-up to the appropriate agent listed on the help desk ticket, ensuring that the issue is handled by customer service agents who are familiar with the situation. At the same time, a good help desk online system allows each agent to enter the details of an issue so that any agent in the system can pick it up and continue from where the previous agent left off.

If you’re considering moving your help desk online, look for help desk software packages that provide all the features and benefits your company needs to provide excellent service to all of your customers.