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If your Agents aren’t using these Customer Support tools, you’re already behind the Curve!

If you were to order your marketing assets starting with most important, how would you begin? Social media? Content? Advertising? Where does your customer support team fall on the list?

If it’s not already occupying the number one slot, it’s time to make some revisions. After your product or service is sold, you have few opportunities to make direct contact with your customers. That is until they’re in need of support.

Your customer support agents are at the front lines, leading the charge to generate and keep happy customers. They make sure your customers know how to get the most out of a product, and if successful, they help create lifelong brand ambassadors who will continue to go out into the market place and make a human connection with your company.

It’s this human connection and the relationships with your company which bolster your brand, not the products themselves.

Help desk software like H2Desk is essential for handling support inquiries and can help your agents convert customer complaints into compliments. Beyond help desk software, we’ve found the following tools to be essential in helping customer service professionals thrive. Here are our recommendations for the go-to tools your customer service professionals should get to know in 2015.

1. When you spend a large majority of your day responding to tickets, seconds matter. Keyboard shortcuts can replace anything from a single line to complete paragraphs in seconds. It also helps save time by automatically fixing common typos and filling out forms with just a few keystrokes. For Windows, check out the popular PhraseExpress. For IOS, take a look at Textexpander. If you’re looking for a free solution, check out Texter built by the guys at LifeHacker. It’s a bit dated and sometimes a bit buggy but hey… it’s free!

2. Real-time project collaboration allows your team to easily communicate and complete joint tasks more efficiently. There are many collaboration software suites but we really like the simplicity and intuitive design of Hackpad.

3. If your support team is distributed, the support process can be especially challenging. To help foster a unified company culture with your remote employees, tools like Sqwiggle and HipChat can help you keep in close contact with all team members through messaging, video conferences and lightning fast file sharing.

Ultimately, supporting your customer support agents is a key link in the chain of a successful business. It’s also one of the best ways to retain talent and develop the often unsung leaders of your company.
With tools like those mentioned above, you can make inexpensive investments to enhance and improve the performance of your support team. In doing so, you’ll help empower them to delight your customers at every turn, avoid burnout, and continue to be successful as your #1 marketing tool.