Does Your Company Need a Better Help Desk Solution?

Even if you run a very small business, the right service desk software can make an enormous difference in productivity. With the right help desk support tools, your IT professionals can do their work more efficiently, and employees experiencing IT problems can get their issues sorted and get back to work more quickly. At h2desk, we have the software you need to bring your service desk up to date.

Cloud Hosted or On-Site?

If you need to deploy your help desk software now, then cloud hosted help desk software is your best choice. Another advantage of cloud hosted help desk software is that it doesn’t require on-site servers and the maintenance and expenses that go along with them. Some businesses prefer running software on-site, and if this is the case for your business, learn what your on-site deployment options are with any help desk software you consider.

Knowledge Base Saves Time Later

When an IT professional works hard to solve a complex IT issue, it’s nice to store that experience away in case the problem arises again. Choose help desk software that allows easy creation and addition to a custom knowledge base for such situations. When a solution is developed, it can be added to the knowledge base, so that IT workers don’t have to “reinvent the wheel” should the problem arise again in the future.

Customizing the User Experience Is Important

Many companies prefer help desk software that allows customization with the company logo or colors that are in use on other company software their employees use. The best service desk software packages make customization easy and don’t require programming code knowledge to accomplish this.

Give Your IT Professionals the Tools They Need to Excel

With powerful help desk tools at their fingertips and iPhone and Android apps that allow IT professionals to access the system wherever they are, your IT professionals can do their work more efficiently, resolving more help requests so that everyone remains productive. And you can run this help desk support software from the cloud if you choose. Why not take h2desk for a test drive and explore this powerful software for yourself?