Empower your Small Business with Help Desk Service Software

As every business owner knows, it’s more expensive to attract new customers than it is to keep existing ones.  Most experts agree it costs at least five times more to find a new client than it does to keep him coming back. That’s the easy part, i.e., recognizing that repeat customers are important. The challenge is how to build a solid and reliable customer base. Needless to say, it isn’t easy. Otherwise, half of new businesses wouldn’t close in their first five years.

While there is no shortcut or magic formula, good customer service is strongly linked to repeat business. No matter the size of the company, shoppers will return if they feel important and appreciated. This holds true for every type of business, from small retail stores to global service providers.

Help Desk Service Software

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to let customers know you care is to add a help desk to your website.  This virtual system gives companies the ability to manage, track, and respond to all communications, including support issues and sales opportunities.  For example, if a customer has a question about one of your products, he can contact you directly.  Used in dozens of different industries, help desk service software has numerous applications.


Instead of relying on dozens of different programs, help desk software combines multiple customer service solutions into a single application. Most include basic features such as a support ticket system, live chat software, visitor monitoring, knowledge based software, call logging, time logging, customer satisfaction surveys, a task management system, and more!


Before the advent of help desk service software, most companies spent a king’s ransom on IT costs each and every year. New hardware and software had to be installed, configured, tested, and updated on a regular basis. Most corporations kept teams of IT experts on staff just to deal with these issues, while small companies typically hired freelancers. There is no need for either if you have help desk service software.

Save time and money

No hardware costs. No software costs. No IT hassles or headaches. The company that provides the service will handle all updates and upgrades for you. The cost savings are significant, not to mention the time you save not having to deal with the IT guy! Sorry IT guy, but you can be a bore.  Best of all, there is no commitment!  Most providers simply charge you for the services you use, and that’s all!

Improve customer service almost instantly

Most helpdesk free software relies on a ticket system that is used to control all communications, including emails, questions, live chats, and sales inquiries.  The ticket system is easy to use, if you have the right software.  Open tickets, which often include questions and/or concerns, can be routed to the agent who is best able to address them.  They are only closed when the customer or client receives a professional reply.

Another important advantage of the ticket system is that employees can access it from multiple locations, using different platforms. They need not, for instance, be sitting at their desk in the office to respond to open tickets. Employees who work from home can manage support tickets through the helpdesk portal or even through email using a variety of devices, from iPads to tablets to computer and even mobile phones. This versatility is not only good for workers it’s also good for customers, who often get their questions answered faster when companies utilize helpdesk service software.