Is Your Business Ready for Something New in Help Desk Software?

Help desk software has evolved rapidly in the past few years, so if it has been awhile since you’ve made a thorough help desk software comparison, maybe it’s time to check out what’s available today. You’ll be amazed at how much easier the right software makes things. At H2Desk, we offer software that’s flexible, powerful, affordable, and easy to deploy. You’ll wonder how you ever managed with your old software.

Features that Make a Real Difference

Imagine if an email about a computer problem could be automatically turned into a help desk ticket and assigned based on workload of your IT workers. You could even have certain emails or help tickets (from specific users, perhaps) assigned to a particular IT help desk worker. This is great for companies that automatically escalate tickets from executives. You can also provide a user page that people can use to take care of common, easy to solve issues.

On-Site or In the Cloud?

Many companies are transitioning a lot of their software applications to the cloud to avoid the hassles of on-site server maintenance. Cloud help desk software, for example, is becoming extremely popular because companies don’t want to be stuck without help desk software should the server it’s on crash. Some companies, however, still want to run their help desk software on-site. Does the software you like offer you the choice? It should.

Help Desk Software Isn’t Just for IT

Help desk software is being used in many creative ways, like on-boarding new employees through HR, and taking care of facilities maintenance through a help ticketing system. Choose flexible, powerful software, and you can use it to streamline processes you never imagined. Consider all possible uses when you make your help desk software comparison.

Step Up Your CSM Game

Help desk software is customer service management software, whether your “customers” are employees with computer problems, or whether they’re outside customers who need help with a product. When your customer service management software is customized and designed to speed problem resolution, help desk workers and customers can take care of problems and move on. At H2Desk, we want to make that happen for you.