Organizing Customer Calls and Questions

When it comes to organizing customer queries about a product or service that you provide, there is no better way to accomplish it then with help desk tickets. These tickets can be set up in many different ways so that you are in control of how you organize your customer service and help desk. Regardless of how you set up your system, you will save the company both time and money. Customers will also be happier too with their faster service times and not having to wait on the phone.

Automatic Assignment

With help desk tickets, you can create an automatic assignment system. This way, when a customer contacts your company about an issue or question that they have, the call will be routed to the right department. Within that department, you can set up a round robin system so that as calls come in, the next representative in line gets the next call. Instead of assigning a lead to handle who gets what calls, keep all of the work force liable for their own calls and keep them moving.

Solving Problems with Your Email

Often times, customers will look for support online for the products and services that they have purchased. If you have help desk tickets set up for this situation, you can even handle and address questions from within your email. This is a great way for smaller companies that do not have a large staff for fielding questions to handle things even when away from the office. Since most smart phones today will be able to handle your email coming and going out, you may even be able to answer customer questions no matter where you are.

Create Predefined Answers to Your Most Common Questions

Often times you will have a similar question asked over and over again by your customers. Instead of someone answering that same question time and again, you can create an automated response with your ticket program. Your company can create authorized responses to these common questions so that you do not waste your customers time or your money.

There are many benefits to setting up your help desk now. Why would you wait on getting things going? Find out what it will take to start saving money and time tomorrow.