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Your customers and staff will love the built-in features of our help desk software

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Ensure tasks are done on time every time
Sometimes a support ticket requires multiple tasks to be completed by one or more parties. No worries. Using our customer support software, you can easily create and assign tasks from within each ticket. And, to ensure tasks are completed on schedule, each task has its own reminder and expiration along with automated email notifications. If for some reason a task is not completed by the due date, the administrator is notified so that necessary action can be taken. Say goodbye to those pesky little sticky notes. Let H2Desk automate your task management.
Custom ticket fields to meet your specific needs
The customer support software allows you to easily add new ticket fields to collect the type of data your support team needs. Unique fields per department allows you to tailor data collection based on issue type. Data is captured via drop down lists or input fields when creating tickets via the customer portal. The collected data is then visible within the ticket for ease of use during the issue resolution process.
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Automated email-to-ticket conversion
H2Desk helps you to streamline and organize your helpdesk support operations. Customer emails are automatically converted into tickets in threaded format for easy processing. Customers can also create tickets via a dedicated customer portal that provides a full array of self-service tools. If customers call in, your staff can create tickets on their behalf while they have them on the phone. Read more about our help desk software's email-to-ticket conversion feature.
Personalized dashboard statistics for each agent
The moment your staff member signs in they'll see an instant snapshot of their own tickets by status. They can also go directly to their assigned tickets right from the dashboard. Support administrators can easily drill down to find more specific operational data using the built-in statistics view.

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Keep everyone informed
Sometimes customers want other parties to be kept informed of their ticket details. Or perhaps you need to ensure one of your internal stakeholders needs to be aware of the support issue that was reported. H2Desk makes it easy for your team to add a “cc” recipient to any ticket if you've given them the permission to do so via security settings. Tickets created via both the customer portal and email support the ability to add an additional party using the "cc" functionality.