Helpdesk Ticketing System Dashboard

Built-in dashboard provides a quick status of tickets and tasks

Easily Monitor Help Desk Activity

The IT help desk software gives you and your staff instant details about current support issues via an easy-to-read dashboard. You'll instantly see the status of open cases so you can determine if immediate action is needed.

helpdesk ticketing system

This powerful snapshot view greets you and your team members when you initially log into the helpdesk ticketing system. It provides easy access to ticket statuses, assigned tickets, calendar appointments, and news and staff announcements.

As the system's main page, your staff will have direct access to all of their assigned tickets and ticket tasks. This time-saving feature helps ensure that waiting support tickets are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Whether your customers submit tickets via the customer portal or through the helpdesk ticketing system's built-in email integration with your email system, the dashboard consolidates the information and provides you with an at a glance snapshot of all active cases.

From the dashboard, you'll be able to easily navigate to the main ticket list, knowledge base, and other admin panel pages with just a single click of your mouse.

Its sort of like a control center for all support related issues and its always ready and waiting to welcome you as you launch your IT help desk software at the start of each day. Are you ready for take off?

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