Email Tickets

Customers love the automatic email-to-ticket conversion of our support ticket software

Manage your tickets not your inbox

Manage help desk tickets right from your inbox. Providing customer support via your help desk portal is fine but what if your not at your desk or away from the office? Of course, you can use our iPhone or Android apps but that means you need to install the app and use that specific device. With the H2Desk help desk, you will be fully aware of your customer's issues and you'll even be able to reply to them from wherever you are as long as you have access to your email inbox.

Instant email notifications means you're on top of things

It's late and a very important customer just submitted a support ticket. Rather than having to wait until tomorrow, you'll know what's happening with your customers just by having access to your regular email system. With H2Desk you'll receive notifications via email whenever a ticket is created in your department or whenever a ticket is assigned to you. Plus you'll also receive an email notification when a customer responds to your reply! Even if your away from the office, you'll be fully aware of what's happening so you can choose to offer immediate assistance if the situation requires it.

Offer instant help to your customers directly from email

So now that you received the email notifications, wouldn't it be great to just send your reply without having to log out of email and sign into the help desk? Whether your away on business or just out on an errand, business doesn't stop and your customers don't need to know your away. With H2Desk, the next time your on the go and a high priority ticket is received or assigned to you, all you need to do is reply just like you'd do for any other email. The system will magically link your reply to the customer's ticket and send the customer a reply from the help desk. All you need is access to your email system from your smartphone, laptop, or any other device. Customers will never know that you're taking care of business from around the corner or perhaps far away. They'll just know your customer service is top notch like always!

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