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Live Chat software that converts website visitors into customers.

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Real-time support for website visitors
Our live chat service, known as H2Chat, allows you to easily implement live chat on any website and even within your support portal. The availability of live chat in a website is essential to improving visitor-to-customer conversion. Website visitors prefer live chat support over other support channels because it's convenient and they get immediate answers to product questions. By just pasting our unique code, the live chat widget will be visible in the website and helpdesk agents will be able to immediately start assisting visitors and support customers. The H2Chat service is integrated with the H2Desk software so no additional setup is required.

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First impressions always count
Making website visitors and customers feel at home in your website is an important marketing strategy. Some chat services insist on having their logo and brand on the customer chat widget. This can be confusing for your customers. With our live chat software, you can easily customize the chat widget so that it looks like it's part of your website. You can change the colors, text, border, and even the logo so that it completely matches the look and feel of your site.
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Chat tools help you help your customers
Sometimes words just aren't enough. With H2Chat, agents can instantly send a file to the customer, take a snapshot image of the page the customer is viewing, or even use the co-browse tool to see the customer's browser tab in real-time. Agents will also see a real-time preview as the customer types. This allows the agent to prepare a response in advance to help speed up the chat process. Your customers will be delighted with the speedy service!

Canned Messages
The live chat system allows you to save personal canned messages and system-wide canned messages for use by all agents. Canned messages can be set to post automatically upon starting a chat or after a prescribed delay. Using canned messages, agents can save time by not having to type repetitive answers to commonly asked questions. This also helps ensure accurate responses are given by all agents.
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One click ticket creation
If an issue requires in-depth analysis or offline work, you can easily create a ticket in the helpdesk with just one click. The ticket will have the chat customer's name and email address so there's no need to re-enter contact details. The helpdesk agent will know the ticket originated via a chat so he can reference the chat request when responding to the customer. In addition to tickets, chat transcripts are automatically stored in the helpdesk giving you access to the customer's complete support history.

Chat Security
You can use our live chat software with confidence knowing that customer information is secure. All chat messages are encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to prevent eavesdropping of Internet traffic. Additionally, as soon as a chat ends, any credit card or social security numbers contained in the chat messages are automatically redacted to ensure maximum protection against unauthorized exposure.
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