Customer Portal offers Self-Service Tools

Self-service customer portal makes you help desk software accessible anytime

Reduce customer inquiries with automated answers
Our web based help desk software provides automated suggestions to your ticket system users while they create tickets. The software automatically scans the subject and content of the support ticket with a live search algorithm to find possible answers from your knowledge base and tutorial libraries. Customers are happier because they receive an immediate solution and you're happier because your team's workload is reduced.
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customer service support sidebar
Instant pop-out support widget for your website!
Would you like to offer a support solution right on your webpage? Our exclusive Sidebar customer portal allows you to offer access to all of your help articles and tutorials directly from the customer portal. You can also provide a convenient support request form so customers don't have to leave your site to ask for help. The Sidebar sits unobtrusively at the margin just waiting to help with one click. The widget is customizable and allows you to add your own custom content. The Sidebar software is directly integrated to the help desk software so support cases are automatically created in your helpdesk system and immediately visible to your agents. More details about our exclusive Customer Support Sidebar.

Build it and they will come
Customers prefer fast solutions and giving them access to knowledge base and tutorial libraries is an easy self-service solution that helps reduce inquiries to your helpdesk team. Creating articles and tutorials is easy with our rich text editor. You can insert images, format text, create tables, add background colors, and much more. The interface is easy to use and there's no need for HTML, special programming, or complicated software. It's as easy as using Microsoft Word or any standard text editing software.
Built-in knowledge base

Knoweledge base entries
Confidential folders for customers that require privacy
Do you have information that can only be shared with specific users? The H2Desk software allows you to mark any knowledge base, tutorial, or file library item as private. You can make it private for an individual user or for all users from a specific company. Private items are hidden from public view and are visible only to the specified users based on their login authentication.

How useful is your content?
Ever wish you knew what customers think of your content? Users that access your articles and tutorials via the customer portal are given the opportunity to rate each entry using a 5 star rating system. No need to guess any longer. Now you can use your customer feedback to target improvement where it's most needed.
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